Employee experience roadmap tool

The Employee Experience: More than just engagement

The Employee Experience: More than just engagement

Employee Experience tool
Employee Experience Roadmap created by Open CPT

Open has designed an Employee Experience Roadmap that enables you to get started on employee experience design.

Employee experience design is top of the agenda across the world and a way to boost engagement and performance, as well as drive improvement of the customer experience. But we need more concrete learnings on what works and why.

About the Employee Experience Roadmap:

Put the spotlight on Employee Experience in your organisation and find ways to boost it!

This tool is for anyone about to embark on or continue on the journey of Employee Experience from a communication perspective.

It is a simple Roadmap that you can get started on today, to help you get an overview of what Employee Experience is all about - and where you are on this journey today.

This tool is not a detailed manual, but a quick-guide to inspire and hopefully energise you for the road ahead.

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